Fit in Fitness

Fit in Fitness - 5 Day Challenge

taught by Karen Shopoff Rooff

Course description

Welcome to The Fit in Fitness 5 Day Challenge!

In this course you will get 5 days of video tips to help you kick start your fitness goals.

Each day you will receive access to a new module of 2-3 videos, plus a workout and an accompanying workbook to help busy women fit a little fitness into their lives WITHOUT the drudgery of going to the gym.

Fitness doesn't have to be hard work, sweaty or time consuming.

I know that you can get great results by making small changes - and do it all from your own home.

If you want to quickly and easily start your fitness goals, this 5 day challenge is totally FREE!

Karen Shopoff Rooff
Karen Shopoff Rooff
Coach Karen