Course Description

Join Coach Karen for a 6-week full-body virtual bootcamp! Offering flexibility for even the busiest person, Balance Virtual Bootcamp can be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. Most of the workouts will be 30-40 minutes—efficient, effective exercise is what Balance is known for!

Afraid that you aren’t fit enough to even start a bootcamp? I offer modifications to most exercises, as well as ways to make them harder, too. It is up to each individual to know your limitations and stop exercising if something is painful. PLEASE NOTE: This program is not designed for pregnant women or women who have given birth in the last two months.

How does it work?

Workouts are delivered every Monday, Wednesday, Friday via email. Questions can be asked (and will be answered promptly) in the course modules.

What do I get?

  • A structured three-times-per-week for six weeks workout program designed by a certified personal trainer.
  • A weekly video with additional tips to help keep you focused, motivated, and accountable.
  • The opportunity to learn an efficient, effective way to exercise.
  • A forum to meet and learn from other health-seekers, just like you, all over the world.

What kind of equipment do I need?

  • a resistance tube
  • 2 sets of handweights/dumbbells (5 pounds & 10 pounds)
  • a stability ball
  • a yoga mat or towel
  • an interval timer (either on your watch or a smartphone app)
  • roughly 5 feet x 5 feet of clear floor space

Other things that are nice to have but NOT necessary:

  • step (a stool with good grip to the floor works, as does the bottom step on a staircase)
  • pull up/chin up bar

I can’t afford a personal trainer. Can I afford Balance Virtual Bootcamp?

The entire 6-week Balance Virtual Bootcamp—18 workouts PLUS the private discussion page interactions within the modules-- is only $18. (Price reduced from $47 so everyone can have high quality, exercise at home options!)

Making this investment in your health is a gift for yourself!

Good health and great happiness to you!

--Coach Karen

DISCLAIMER: As with any fitness or workout program, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have physician clearance before starting. Please take care of yourself-- make sure your physician approves of this or any other exercise program you undertake. Thank you.

Coach Karen

Karen Shopoff Rooff

Karen Shopoff Rooff has been working in women's fitness & wellness since founding Balance Personal Fitness Training in 2008. She holds certifications as a personal trainer, perinatal fitness specialist, aqua Kriya yoga and prenatal Kriya yoga instructor. Karen is also a Third Age women's wellness coach and ACE certified Health Coach.Coach Karen believes that when realistic approaches are taken, anyone can craft a wellness lifestyle. She speaks to audiences about fitness & wellness topics to inspire people to live their best lives. Her busy life as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom of three kids shows that you can have balance without having it all together.The information presented in this workshop does not take the place of a licensed health care provider.  Karen Shopoff Rooff and Balance Personal Fitness Training, LLC disclaim liability for health issues that arise during the workshop and beyond as related to information presented in Self-Care: Beyond the Bathtub.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Let's get you set up and ready to go!

  • 2

    WEEK 1

    • Week One: Harness Your Energy

    • Let's Chat!

  • 3

    WEEK 2

    • Week Two: An Essential Accountability Exercise

    • Any questions?

  • 4

    WEEK 3

    • Week Three: Identifying Preferences (And what they REALLY MEAN)

    • Let me know how you're doing!

  • 5

    WEEK 4

    • Week Four: What to do if you've FALLEN OFF THE WAGON!

    • Who needs some motivation?

  • 6

    WEEK 5

    • Week Five: What Changes Have You Noticed?

    • What do you think so far? What does your BODY think!?

  • 7

    WEEK 6

    • Week Six: Finish Strong!

    • Share your success!

  • 8

    What's Next?

    • Keep up the good work!