Course Description

Coach Karen

Karen Shopoff Rooff

Karen Shopoff Rooff has been working in women's fitness & wellness since founding Balance Personal Fitness Training in 2008. She holds certifications as a personal trainer, perinatal fitness specialist, aqua Kriya yoga and prenatal Kriya yoga instructor. Karen is also a Third Age women's wellness coach and ACE certified Health Coach.Coach Karen believes that when realistic approaches are taken, anyone can craft a wellness lifestyle. She speaks to audiences about fitness & wellness topics to inspire people to live their best lives. Her busy life as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom of three kids shows that you can have balance without having it all together.The information presented in this workshop does not take the place of a licensed health care provider.  Karen Shopoff Rooff and Balance Personal Fitness Training, LLC disclaim liability for health issues that arise during the workshop and beyond as related to information presented in Self-Care: Beyond the Bathtub.

Course curriculum

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    Module 1: The Physiology of Perimenopause (aka Biology 101)

    • Meet the Cast of Characters

    • Hello, Hormones!

    • Ovarian Hormone Levels & Common Symptoms

    • Modern Life & Hormone Hell

    • What's My Why?

    • Survive & THRIVE Workbook

    • Using the Survive & THRIVE Workbook

    • Breath & Bodyweight Workout

  • 3

    Module 2: Build Your Bones/Honor Your Heart

    • Introduction: Build Your Bones/Honor Your Heart

    • The Basics of Bone Health

    • Strategies for Improving Bone Health

    • Heart Health & The Perimenopausal Woman

    • BONUS: Four Easy Recipes for Better Bones

    • Weight & Heart Health

    • Why Dieting Can Get in Your Way

    • Strategies to Restore Balance

    • Take Action NOW!

    • Walk Through the Workbook

    • BONUS: Exercise for Heart & Bone Health

  • 4

    Module 3: Nourish Your Body

    • Introduction: Nourish Your Body

    • Exercise for Perimenopause

    • BONUS: Get Hot with HIIT Workout

    • Exercise in Perimenopause: A Confession

    • Cravings: What's Your Body Trying to Tell You?

    • BONUS: Cravings Swap Report

    • Why Nutrient Deficiencies Matter

    • Likely Culprits of Dietary Disasters

    • Phytoestrogens: What are they & what do they do?

    • Smart Eating for Perimenopause

    • Foods to Balance Hormones

    • Nourish & Flourish Snack & Meal Ideas

    • Designing a Nourish-to-Flourish Day

    • Is Detoxing Really Necessary?

    • Walk Through The Workbook- Module 3

  • 5

    Module 4: Creating a Mindful Perimenopause

    • Why Mind/Body Connection Matters in Perimenopause

    • Science Supports Yoga & Meditation

    • Is Cultivating Less Busy-Ness Even Possible?

    • BONUS: Restorative Yoga & Full Body Meditation

    • Sleep: The Perimenopausal Unicorn

    • Is Sleep Really THAT Important? (aka: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead!)

    • Real World Strategies for Better Sleep

    • BONUS: Your Evening Wine Down

    • Walking through the Workbook: Module 4

  • 6

    Module 5: Serve Yourself

    • Introduction: The Center of Your Self

    • Pelvic & Hip Health

    • What are the Core Issues?

    • BONUS: Peeing on Myself-- Is This Going to Happen to Me (Forever)?

    • The Elephant in the Room: Hormone Replacement Therapy

    • Hormone Norms & Optimal Ranges

    • Walking Through the Workbook- Module 5

    • Hips & Core Workout

  • 7

    Module 6: Creating Your Road Map to Wellness

    • Introduction: Identifying Soul Goals

    • Cultivating a Self-Care Practice

    • Spin your Wellness Web

    • What's in My Way?

    • Life Design for the Third Age Woman

    • Designing your Road Map to Wellness

    • Concluding Thoughts for Wellness Warriors